Fate (in development) – is a dating app/website that allows users to develop connections with other users that they can feel. Users engage in games, chats, receive fortunes and advice.
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My final school project, this is also my first project using Adobe XD. Matrador, is a watch-list and alert app for people who manage their own stock portfolios. Most stock investors believe it is important to follow rules for buying and selling stocks. Even so, emotions and ego can prevent investors from selling a stock that should be sold. Furthermore, most investors can’t monitor the markets throughout the day, making it likely they will miss buying/selling opportunities when they occur.

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Pho Hotel is a school project.  The fictional hotel in need of a solution that will allow guests to book services such as spa appointments, room service, and shuttle rides.  The solution I developed, is an in-room kiosk, that can also be accessed via guests’ computers or mobile devices.
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Portfolio – Christian Pedersen